NATO Continues to Increase Naval Forces in Black Sea: Deputy Chief of Russian General Staff

Politics Materials 26 August 2008 15:22 (UTC +04:00)

Extraordinary activity of the NATO Naval Forces in the water area of the Black Sea present perplexity, A.Nogovitsin, the deputy chief of the Russian General Staff, said at a briefing in Moscow on 26 August, the Russian Vesti TV channel reported.

"On 25 August, there were nine NATO ships in the sea and in the evening of 25 August the US Naval Frigate Forces entered the Bosporus Strait. Moreover, eight more ships are expected to arrive in the Strait," Nogovitsin said.

According to Nogovitsin, the Russian Black Sea Fleet ensures security in water area of the Black Sea. " Georgia is restoring its infrastructure with the help of NATO," he said.

Large-scale military operations commenced in the unrecognized South Ossetia Republic in the early morning of 8 August. Georgian Army was reported to enter Tskhinvali. Then Russian troops occupied Tskhinvali and forced Georgian Army back to the Georgian territory.

On 12 August, the Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev said that he made a decision to end operations to compel Georgia to peace.