New Bloc Can be Set up Unless Azerbaijan has Larger Opposition Coalition, Says Opposition Leader

Politics Materials 15 November 2008 11:17 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 14 November / Trend corr. A.Huseynbala / If a large coalition of opposition is not established with the participation of the parties, which are included in the Centre for Opposition Cooperation, another bloc can be formed.

"If the union, which will comprise parties of the Centre for Opposition Cooperation (COC) and other

political parties, is not established, formation of another organization can come to agenda ," Eldar Namazov, President of the For Azerbaijan Public Forum (FAPF), which is included in the COC, told Trend on 14 November.

Centre for Opposition Cooperation includes bloc Azadlig (Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan, Liberal Party, Citizens and Development Party), Musavat Party and For Azerbaijan public forum. At early September, Azadlig bloc, Musavat Party and the Public Forum 'For Azerbaijan' signed a joint statement on recognition of the presidential elections to be held on 15 October as illegitimate. Government to be formed after the presidential elections was announced as illegitimate in the statement.

The election was followed by negotiations on changing the opposition into a broader coalition. However, creation of expanded opposition coalition has not been commenced in the light of mutual accusations.

According to Namazov, bilateral consultations are being held with leaders of parties concerning cooperation.

"First, we should discuss and coordinate a document on general principles at the COC, then we should negotiate on other political movements," Namazov said.

The FAPF President does not exclude rise of number of parties, which will join the COC. "Naturally, we should focus on quality, but not quantity. Number of the coalition parties should be few, whilst everybody should hold the same position, cooperating sincerely. Therefore, I do not think that there is a difference on this matter. Simply, positions should coincide one-another more quickly," Namazov said.

Namazov does not support proposals by members of some COC parties on determining of borders of opposition which will cooperate. "I deliberately do not name parties, which I regard as real opposition. The thing, which I do not like, is determination of opposition's borders. Every three of four years, they say that they determine opposition's borders. In this case, special attention focuses on private attitudes and opinions of parties. All of them are pretexts preventing establishment of a real union," the FAPF leader said.

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