5.69% of electors voted by 10.00am

Politics Materials 6 November 2005 14:51 (UTC +04:00)

The Information Center �Sechkiler’ of the Central Elections Commission (CEC) held a news conference at 11.00am [local time]. Igbal Babayev, the head of the Information Center, briefed the media on process of polls as of 10.00am [local time].

He noted that by 10.00am [local time] they have received data from 5,137 stations, where 307,432 electors voted (6.59% of the total).

4.6 million electors have been registered throughout the country.

Babayev also spoke about local and foreign observers. The CEC has registered 17,000 local observers. 40,000 observers passed registration at the constituencies. In general, 45,000 foreign observers from different countries and international organizations observe the polls. The number of international observers constitutes 1586 people. There are 80 foreign journalists in the country. Hot line is available for local media (tel: 493-27-32), local observers (tel: 493-21-60), foreign press (tel: 498-06-78), and electors (tel: 498-87-70).