UNEC continues to study experience of foreign universities (PHOTO)

Society Materials 13 February 2017 16:35 (UTC +04:00)

Improvement of academic staff’s teaching skills and studying the experience of foreign universities continue at UNEC.

Opening of the Winter School for UNEC instructors has taken place at the Guba Training, Sports and Recreation Center of the university.

The Winter School supported by the Embassies of France and the United Arabian Emirates is targeted in upgrading UNEC academic staff’s modern teaching skills. Advisor to the Rector of Paris Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi Imran Mukhtarov noted that the trainees will be conducted trainings on creation of modern curriculum, management facilities for structures of the seminars and lectures, the use of modern ICT applications such as “ePortfolios” and “Snagit” during the lessons, enhancing the academic staff’s leadership and management skills, including methods of assessment and interactive management of the auditorium will be conducted in the school. The trainings will be conducted by the Professor of Paris- Sorbonne Abu Dhabi Rida Blaik Hourani and Litz David Richard.

I.Mukhtarov brought to attention the presence of favorable condition for trainings at the Guba Training, Sports and Recreation Center: “There is a unique condition to implement trainings and teaching process in your complex. Last year the Professor of Paris Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi Florent Pratlong conducted training on “Interactive Education in University System” to 100 UNEC instructors here. The methodology of preparation to the classes, administration of interactive teaching, opportunities to use ICT and so on were moved forward. The complex has a wide range of facilities for group work”.

120 instructors attend trainings now. Teachers’ have been defined for special criteria. They were selected for the results of the Differential Salary System and the students’ satisfaction survey, ranking of the project “Quality of Education through the Students’ Eyes” and the rules of discipline.

The winter school will last for four days. The participants will be awarded Paris- Sorbonne Abu Dhabi’s Certificates in the end.

A delegation consisting of the Deans and teaching staff were sent to the prestigious Uludagh, Sakarya and Suleyman Demirel Universities of Turkey within the Winter School of UNEC. The trip aims to increase the teachers’ scientific potential and study the experience of foreign universities.

UNEC delegation had made different research with the aim of application new experience on the priority directions of the University of Economics. They got a chance of becoming familiar with the working principles of the faculties on majors. They were interested in administration of mega faculties and the faculty secretariat. Mechanism of distance training and establishment of library system of the Turkish Universities were studied. The role of pedagogical staff in management of the student organizations and methods of socially active students’ stimulating were reviewed. New approaches in administration of start- ups were discussed getting acquainted with the performance directions of sustainable training center and techno parks.

Development of join teaching manual on Marketing was debated after getting acquainted with new training facilities of Turkish universities during the Winter School. The Turkish party expressed their interest in including the examples of Azerbaijan marketing into the textbook.

Note that, 15 UNEC Professors visited Turkish Universities within the Winter School the last academic year.

UNEC is the brand of Azerbaijan State University of Economics. The brand of UNEC has been registered and patented by the State Committee on Standardization, Metrology and Patent on January 21 2016.