Gunmen killed eight soldiers in western Iraq

Arab World Materials 6 September 2011 15:28
Gunmen killed eight soldiers in western Iraq
Gunmen killed eight soldiers  in western Iraq

Gunmen killed eight soldiers at a checkpoint in western Iraq before burning their corpses on Tuesday, a police officer said,AFP reported.

Two people were killed and another two wounded in separate bomb attacks in western and eastern Iraq on Sunday, the police said.

A roadside bomb went off in the afternoon near a civilian car in the north of the Fallujah city, some 50 km west of Baghdad, killing the driver and wounding another person in the car, a source from the operations command of Anbar province told Xinhua on condition of anonymity.

In a separate incident, a government employee was killed when a sticky bomb attached to his car detonated while he was driving near the entrance of Fallujah, the source said.

In Iraq's eastern province of Diyala, a parliament member escaped unharmed a roadside bomb explosion near his car while he was leaving his house in the city of Maqdadiyah, some 110 km northeast of Baghdad, a source from Diyala's provincial operations command told Xinhua anonymously.

One of the lawmaker's bodyguards was wounded by the attack, the source said.

The attacked lawmaker, Abdullah al-Jubouri, is a Sunni member of the cross-sectarian parliamentary bloc of Iraqia, headed by the former prime minister Ayad Allawi.

Violence and sporadic attacks are still common in the Iraqi cities despite the dramatic decrease of violence over the past few years.