Co-chair of Azadlyg Block Regrets ADP’s Decision to Leave Block

Politics Materials 13 March 2007 15:10

Azerbaijan, Baku / corr. Trend S.Ilhamgizi / The Co-chairman of Azadlyg Political Block, Ali Aliyev, said that he regretfully accepts the decision of the Azerbaijan Democratic Party (ADP) to leave the Azadlyg Block.

After the decision of the Azadlyg Block to terminate its activities within ADP, on 12 March ADP made the decision to completely leave the Block.

At present Azadlyg Block brings together four opposition parties, Azerbaijan Popular Front Party, Liberal Party and Citizen and Development Party. Aliyev said that the ADP made its decision quickly. "We had grounds for our decision as there was a misunderstanding within ADP. ADP was given time to clarify the situation. This decision to stop ADP's activity is not aimed at the breakdown of the party, but by its hasty decision, ADP had made a mistake," he said.