If Iran does not Stop Nuclear Program, War is Unavoidable: Politicians

Politics Materials 4 April 2008 17:05 (UTC +04:00)

Israel, Jerusalem, 4 April /corr. Trend D.Khatinoglu, R.Abdullayev / If irrespective of the requirements of the international community, Iran continues uranium enrichment program, the war will be unavoidable as a final variant. "If Iran does not stop its nuclear program, the war will begin in the near future," Iranian politician, Mehran Barati, reported to Trend .

Iran has installed new centrifuges to the Nuclear Station 'Natants', BBC reported on 4 April. It is possible to produce nuclear weapons through the centrifuges within a year, American expert David Alberayt told Associated Press.

"If Tehran does not stop uranium enrichment, possibly a military attack will take place against Iran in the coming months. However, this attack may be made not only by the USA, but also by Israel," Iranian politician, Barati, reported to Trend by telephone from Berlin on 4 April.

He does not exclude that Iran will stop uranium enrichment within two weeks. "The statement recently made by the Religious Leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei, during the Novruz Holiday, may be explained as following: Iran needs to make certain compromise. Tehran has felt the seriousness of the war threats and that it is impossible to resist against the foreign forces," said the Iranian expert for international relations.

Touching upon the issue of who may commence the war, he said that the military operations of the NATO forces are of defence character, but the USA or other any country may attach Iran without permission of international community. "The USA actively carries out plans in this regard and has brought its troops near the southern borders of Iran for battle preparedness. Washington surely threatens Tehran because the opinion of the international community on Iran's nuclear plans is negative," he said. According to him, after Israel attacks Iran, NATO, USA and several other countries of the West will join the war as a support.

"If the international sanctions do not yield any results and do not bring to the termination of the military component of Iran's nuclear program, the world will need to transfer to the force policy. It is clear that this is not the way out of the situation because such step may destroy the region. But it is difficult to find other way out," the expert of the Institute of Asian and African Studies of the European University in Jerusalem, Vladimir Mesamed, reported to Trend . According to the Israeli expert, on 4 December 2007 after the report of the U.S. special services, which confirmed that the military nuclear program was stopped four years ago, the problem of Iran's acquiring the nuclear weapons transferred to a new stage. "Practically, here Israel stays face to face with the fundamental regime of Ahmadinejad," he said.

If several years ago, Bush's administration had actively tried to stop Iran's nuclear program, so now, today Washington is the only observer in this regard, the expert said.

Mesamed said that after the Novruz Holiday, the ' Iran' newspaper published an article regarding efforts of USA to regulate the relationships with Iran. According to him, from this point of view, currently it is not the time to make forecasts on the military actions of America against Iran. According to Mesamed, in the situation where the international community is inactive with regard to Iran's nuclear program, Tehran and Ahmadinejad's regime is continuing intensive armament, collecting uranium reserves for the nuclear warheads, financing extremist formations and is also continuing the international terrorist policy.

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