New video and audio production at the Grand/ABC shopping network over the week (29.09.06 - 06.10.06)

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New video and audio production at the Grand/ABC shopping network over the week (29.09.06 - 06.10.06)

New films on DVD


Film director



The Kid & I

Penelope Spheeris

Shannon Elizabeth, Linda Hamilton, Tom Arnold, Eric Gores, Richard Edson

Aaron is a teenager with cerebral palsy who dreams of starring in a big-time action movie.

Thank You for Smoking

Jason Reitman

Jason Reitman

Aaron Eckhart, Maria Bello, Cameron Bright, Adam Brody, Sam Elliott

Nick Naylor, chief spokesman for Big Tobacco, makes his living defending the rights of smokers and cigarette makers in today's neo-puritanical culture. Confronted by health zealots out to ban tobacco and an opportunistic senator who wants to put poison labels on cigarette packs, Nick goes on a PR offensive, spinning away the dangers of cigarettes on TV talk shows and enlisting a Hollywood super-agent to promote smoking in movies. Nick's newfound notoriety attracts the attention of both tobacco's head honcho and an investigative reporter for an influential Washington daily. Nick says he is just doing what it takes to pay the mortgage, but the increased scrutiny of his son and a very real death threat may force him to think differently.


Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor

Jason Statham, Amy Smart, Efren Ramirez, Jose Pablo Cantillo, Jay Xcala

Chev Chelios is about to begin his morning with an unexpected wake-up call. Groggy, practically unable to move and with a heart that's barely beating, he hears the voice of thug Ricky Verona, who reveals Chev has been poisoned in his sleep and only has an hour to live. As it turns out, Chev is a hit man who freelances for a major West Coast syndicate. A run of the mill job the night before instead went awry: he let his target slip away in an effort to quit professional killing and start a new life with his girlfriend Eve. Now, Chev must keep moving to stay alive: the only way to prolong the poison from stopping his heart is to keep his adrenaline flowing. As the clock ticks, Chelios cuts a swath through the streets of Los Angeles, wreaking havoc on those who dare stand in his way. He must rescue Eve from danger, stay two steps ahead of his nemeses and search for an antidote to save his own life.




Kasabian Empire

In a music world where bands are now made into legends on the back of one decent single, Kasabian are practically at god status, despite their decidedly average eponymous debut. If that album posed one question, it was whether the band lacked an extra dimension; an ability to write something other than a full-on chaotic anthem. Empire doesn't do anything to allay that worry, though it does at least show they've widened their musical references.

Faithless - Renaissance

The Renaissance '3D' series kicked off earlier this year with Satosh Tomiie at the helm. The triple disc concept covering not only the live and studio aspect of the compiler's career, but also their home listening influences gave us a deeper insight into the musical background and history of Satoshi Tomiie than ever before, and if you're talking about musical history and storied backgrounds, then Faithless without a doubt spring straight to mind. With a career spanning way back into the early 90s and prior collectively, Faithless are one of THE biggest acts in dance music, and the '3D' album will no doubt be a must for any music lover or fan who's grown up with their music over the last few years.

Justin Timberlike Future sex

The only album that has impressed for a while. This is definitely one of the best releases this year. Each track is absolute grand. The best tracks include My Love, Sexyback, Chop Me Up and Summer Love. Pick this up. You won't be disappointed.

LL Cool J Todd Smith

March 21 has been set as the release date for LL Cool J's 12th Def Jam album, "Todd Smith." His first self-titled affair features guest appearances by Mary J. Blige, 112, Ginuwine, Freeway and Juelz Santana, with production by Timbaland, Pharrell, Scott Storch and Trackmasters, among others.

Fergie The dutchess

The Dutchess is the solo debut album from The Black Eyed Peas' Fergie. The title is a play on Sarah 'Fergie' Ferguson's royal title, Sarah, Duchess of York. Fellow BEP bandmate, will.i.am is helping in the producing and recording of the album. Fergie has stated in interviews that although she is going to produce and put out a solo project she will still be an active member of The Black Eyed Peas and that the group is undoubtedlly still together and touring. The general style and genre of the album is considered to be much like that of the Peas with crazy lyrics and danceable beats. Track called "Light This Sh*t Up" was confirmed as the 2nd single from the album after "London Bridge".

The original working title for The Dutchess, was Fergilicious.

Enigma A posteriori

nice re-rip of yet another scenerelease..... and why you add your fucking website ad. to every song in the tracklist is beyond me.I think its just gay to do that and quite irritating.But then again, cant expect much more from Spanish assholes.

Chamillionaire The sound of revenge

One of the best elements of Chamillionaire's style is the soul-driven hooks that he provides. While his rhymes are a mixture of intelligence, wit, and observation, his hooks are so incredibly smooth and catchy that the listener immediately is compelled to start the track all over again. As the subject matter changes from song to song, so does his style. Whether firing his rhymes off rapidly or being slow and methodical, Chamill never misses the mark. On the Scott Storch-fueled hit "Turn it up," he rides the crunked-out track with a rare mixture of flair, intelligence and personality. Taking a page out of the Notorious B.I.G.'s book, Chamill goes toe to toe with the lyrical swiftness of Bone Thugs member Krayzie Bone. Krayzie represents just one of the many guest appearances on this album. The album also features Southern legends Killer Mike, Pastor Troy, Bun B, Lil Wayne, and Scarface.