Society Materials 5 October 2005 13:57 (UTC +04:00)

The holy month Ramadan sacred for the prophet Muchammed followers started on 5 October 2005. The month will last till 3 November, the Caucasus Moslem Board (CMB) told Trend.

According to CMB, Ramadan is the month of trials, changes and hopes. During this month it is banned for the true believers to eat, drink, take any substance, to smoke, inhale scents, have intimate relations during the light part of the day. The restrictions are lifted with the emergence of darkness.

The fast is one of the five pillars of the Islam, which keeping is mandatory for all believers. Only heavily diseased people, old-aged people, pregnant women, pilgrims and warriors on the battle-fields are not subject to it. However, later on they are also to fulfill the Islam’s prescriptions.

The holy month of Ramadan is the time of the inner purification. It is considered, the Allah may forgive the human sins if he spends his time in prays reading and commit noble deeds, namely, help the needy, donate for charity and etc.