Iran focuses on domestic production for self-sufficiency

Business Materials 16 October 2019 14:42 (UTC +04:00)

Tehran, Iran, Oct.16


Iran's domestic production is improving thanks to policies of Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, despite the sanctions, Iranian MP Ali Ebrahimi told Trend in an interview.

"The sanctions have had destructive effects on our economy and have slow down the development; they also create difficulties for people that should not be ignored. Meanwhile, the sanctions helped to clarify some issues," Ebrahimi added.

"First, Iran should reduce dependency on oil, and this was approved, but unfortunately, the government did not implement necessary measures. Second, domestic production shall be strengthened and currently, we are moving towards this goal, although the preparations for providing basic materials and advances are not completed," the MP indicated.

"If domestic producers pay more attention to the quality of their products and receive more support, then there is a hope that basic problems will be resolved. There are also indicators, that if we rely on agriculture sector, it may provide foreign currency for the country's needs. Although the policy on development and support of domestic goods was initiated only recently, the situation is promising," Ebrahimi noted.

He went on to say: "There have been several exhibitions, at which agricultural capabilities and achievements, alongside startups projects were presented. One exhibition on domestic production was organized by the ministry and another was recently hosted by the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology," the MP added.

In line with the plan of the ministry of industry, mine and trade aiming at import substitution, domestic products worth $10 billion are to be produced with usage of science and technologies in the country in the next two years.