Eurasians attacked Viktor Yushchenko’s site

Other News Materials 29 October 2007 15:49 (UTC +04:00)

( ForUm ) - Activists of radical organization "Eurasian union of Youth" announced internet-attack to President Viktor Yushchenko's site.

According to Eurasian community, official press office of the President is attacked in response to similar attack to "Eurasian union of Youth" site that has been not working already for 24 hours. According to leader of "Eurasian union of Youth" Valery Korovin, diversion against site of "Eurasian union of Youth" is not an accidental but has mass and centralized character.

Official press office of the President Viktor Yushchenko - www.president.gov.ua - was really unavailable since yesterday or functioned with great irregularities. At the same time site of "Eurasian union of Youth" - www.rossia3.ru - was available.

"Eurasian union of Youth" stated that site of President Yushchenko would not work unless attack of "Eurasian union of Youth" site is stopped.

"Eurasian union of Youth" is being in confrontation with Kyiv. This October "Eurasian union of Youth" desecrated national flag, symbol and constitution emblem of Ukraine, set on the highest peak of Hoverla mountain. Ukrainian authorities instituted legal proceedings against representatives of "Eurasian union of Youth".