HAMAS Resembles Cancerous Tumor: Senior Official of Israeli Defense Ministry

Israel Materials 12 September 2008 18:08 (UTC +04:00)

According to Amos Gilad, senior official of the Israeli Defense Ministry, who bears indirect relations to negotiations with HAMAS, which are being held through mediation of Egypt, militant Islamic group is more powerful than the Palestinian Government supported by the West. "HAMAS looks like cancerous tumor," he said, the Israeli Jerusalem Post newspaper reported.

Gilad has paid several visits to Egypt within last weeks to achieve discharge of the Israeli Sergeant Gilad Shalit arrested by HAMAS in June 2006. Armistice is a part of deal between Israel and HAMAS and Shalit should be exchanged to the Palestinian prisoners within framework of this agreement. Negotiations with HAMAS on discharge of the Israeli soldier, who is in captivity, are going on successfully after signing truce agreement, the Israeli Defense Ministry's senior official said: "However,  agreement is far from its completion," he said.

The current peace negotiations between Israeli and moderate Palestinian forces in Samaria and Judea will not result in success, until these forces take under control Gaza Strip, where HAMAS dug in, Gilad believes. He thinks that to hold negotiations now would mean to communicate with half body.

Terrorists will seize new Israeli soldiers, if Israel tries to release Shalit by force, Mahmoud az-Zahar, one of HAMAS leaders stated to London-based Arabian language daily Ash-Shark al-Ausat.

"Should Israel attempt to release Shalit, we will seize other soldiers," he said. He was commenting on Israel's threats to take different measures, if terrorists delay negotiations to set free the captured military. Mahmud az-Zahar stated that Israel should pay full price for Shalit's discharge and HAMAS was not going to ease demands in the negotiations.

HAMAS seized Gaza 15 months ago by force and this fact created double government in autonomy. Fighters supervise Gaza Strip and their more moderate rivals representing FATAH movement is official authorities in the Palestinians territories of Judea and Samaria.