Iran's Amirabad port play strategic role in International North-South Transport Corridor

Business Materials 20 April 2021 11:04 (UTC +04:00)
Iran's Amirabad port play strategic role in International North-South Transport Corridor

TEHRAN, Iran, Apr.20


There have been a good investment and cargo transit in Amirabad Port said the former manager in Amirabad Special Economic Zone describing the development in the Amirabad port.

There were series of improvements in Amirabad Port in the past two and half years during my term that included investment and cargo traffic via the port, Siyavash Rezvani told Trend in an interview.

During the past two years about $238 million invested by the private sector for the establishment of factories, warehouses, and silos in Amirabad Port.

"The factories that were built included flour factory, Arian Shimi Company that is active in producing adhesives and flooring, Arian Rokh factory that produces MDF for furniture with the cooperation of Germany," he noted.

"Foreign investment during my term was mostly from Russia that wanted to turn Amirabad port into a center for grain storage and export of grains from this port to the Persian Gulf states, Afghanistan and Iraq," Rezvani noted.

Around 1,700 jobs were created in Amirabad Special Economic Zone in two years, now that the management has changed in the past eight months investment is done in the silo sector of the port.

"Amirabad port was built based on the strategy to be a transit port for the International North-South Transport Corridor to transit cargo from Amirabad port to Bandar Abbas Port and then to Mashhad and Afghanistan, " he stressed.

He went on to say that the aim of establishing this port was cargo transit, production, and export via the corridor, and the Ports and Maritime Organization assigned a 1,000 hectare land for building the port, and for this purpose, it has considered a bigger wharf.

"Amirabad port is unique in terms of industrial investment compare to any other port. The Ports and Maritime Organization is responsible for building infrastructures in Amirabad port such as wharf, warehouse, production factories and infrastructures that are related to organizational goals such as roads, other advances for investors, and shipping line," Rezvani added.