Dynamic of gdp change due to consumption

Analysis Materials 4 October 2007 12:02

In January to August 2007 the GDP calculated through the consumption method comprised AZN 10.008.85mln, or 32.5% less than the GDP ratio calculated by the State Statistics Committee through the production method.

Rise was observed in the special weight of investment consumption in the total amount of aggregate consumption from 42% in 2006 to 38.2% in 2007.

Special weight of aggregate consumption demand rose from 46.6% in January to August 2006 to 45.7% in 2007.

Public consumption grew both in absolute and relative prices. The expenses for purchase of goods and services rose 37.9%, while the special weight grew from 8.2% to 11.17% in the structure of consumption.

In January to August 2007 local production failed to cover domestic demand, while import covered the considerable part of demand. As to foreign demand on local export product it remains to be high, while the export sector speeds up.

The special weight of export in GDP reduced from 3.2% in January to August 2006 to 4.9% in January to August 2007.