Social sector in Azerbaijan (January-November 2012)

Population's income

According to the Azerbaijani State Statistics Committee, in January-November 2012, the nominal income of the population totaled 29.906.0 billion manat which is 13.7 percent more as compared to the same period of 2011.

Thus, during this period, the nominal income of the population per capita increased by 12.2 percent and hit 3.260.5 manat. The average monthly income per capita was 296.4 manat.

The process of issuing bank deposits remaining from the Soviet period continued in October. This also serves to strengthening the social security of the Azerbaijani population.

Major indices, characterizing income of the population

Indices Actual figures for Jan.-Nov. 2012 Compared to Jan.-Nov. 2011, percent
nominal income of population, in mln manat 29906,0 113,7
Per capita, manat 3260,5 112,2
Income of population, in mln manat 27432,9 114,0
Per capita, manat 2990,9 112,4

Source: State Statistics Committee

In Jan.-Nov. 2012, Azerbaijani citizens spent their income worth 29.9 billion manat in following way: 64 percent on purchase of goods and services, 8.3 percent - payment of taxes, duties and fees, 1.6 percent - payment of credit, 26.1 percent - capital accumulation.

The population's income made up 27.4 bln manat in Jan.-Nov. or 14 percent more than the same period of 2011. Real income per capita made up 2.990.9 manat with a growth of 12.4 percent.

Thus, during this period the expenditure in Jan.-Nov. 2012 comprised 22.100.52 bln manat or 7.805 billion manat less than the income of population, but 9.8 percent more than the expenses in the same period of 2011. (Source: State Statistics Committee, calculations by Trend).

The gap in the amount of revenues and expenditures of the population in favor of income, testifies to the growth of material well-being of Azerbaijani citizens. The differentiation in population's income and the availability of the Gini coefficient in the country should be taken into account.


The salary is one of the key social and economic indicators, which sufficiently enough characterizes the level of the prosperity of the working part of the population. According to the data provided by the Azerbaijani State Statistics Committee, the amount of average monthly salary in Azerbaijan in January-October 2012 comprised 390.2 manat or 9.0 percent more than the same period of 2011.

Real average salary in Azerbaijan in January-October 2012 increased by 7.7 percent given the inflation of 1.3 percent. In October, it fell by 0.2 percent (given the inflation of 0.7 percent per month). The average real wage has increased by 13.66 percent since the beginning of the year in connection with the accumulated negative inflation (deflation) at 6.2 percent. The average salary of temporary staff was 214.6 manat, while employees involved upon civil contracts - 367.4 manat.

The highest salary was observed in the mining industry, financial, oil, information and communication, scientific and technical activity, as well as the construction sectors.

The wage level in the field of building construction increased by 3.1 percent to 543.8 manat, in the field of specialized construction - by 12.4 percent - up to 700.8 manat, in the field of civil construction work - by 33 9 percent - to 461 manat.

Some 92,400 people were involved in the Azerbaijani construction sector in Jan.-Oct. The nominal wages in the construction sector amounted to 569.5 manat, or 10.5 percent more than the same period of last year. The salary in the state-owned companies hit 468 manat (increased by 18.3 percent per year), in private companies - 632.3 manat (increasing by 4.8 percent.

Labor market

According to the State Statistics Committee, as of Dec. 1, 2012, around 4.678 million people are employed. As of Oct., there are 1.425 mln hired people. About 854,100 people work in the public sector and 571,600 - in private.

The number of people working in the oil sector amounted to 37,200 people, in the non-oil sector - 1.388 million people. Around 1.382 million people among hired employees work in non-agricultural sphere.

Around 23.1 percent fall to the hired employees involved in the production spheres: 7.6 percent in construction, 6.3 percent in manufacturing industry, 3 percent in agriculture, forestry and fishing, 2.6 percent - in the mining industry, 2 percent - in the production and distribution of electricity, gas and steam, 1.6 percent - in water supply, waste recycling, 23.6 percent in education, 19.4 percent - trade, repair of vehicles, 9.4 percent - health and social services, 4.9 percent - transportation and warehousing, 4.2 percent - state governance and security, 3.8 percent - recreation, entertainment and arts, 3.2 percent - scientific and technical activities, 1.8 percent - communication and information, 1.7 percent - financial and insurance activities and 1 percent - other areas

As Dec. 1, 2012, around 37,100 people in the country were officially registered as unemployed, 42.1 percent of whom are women. Two unemployed claimed for one vacancy in Azerbaijan.

The Azerbaijani government continues taking measures to increase employment. According to the Economic Development Ministry, more than 170 new enterprises were commissioned in the Azerbaijani regions. More than 450 companies are being established.

Commissioning more than 50 industrial enterprises and production sites is the result of the industrialization policy. At present, more than 120 industrial enterprises are being established in the fields of textile and textile industry, paper processing and production of cardboard, plastic pipes and other plastic products. A cardboard production plant and a plant producing electrical equipment are being constructed.

Distribution of unemployed individuals and those who receive unemployment benefit in towns and regions as of Dec. 1, 2012 (people)

Individuals with unemployed status

Individuals who receive unemployment benefits




Absheron region






























Source: State Statistics Committee

As of Dec. 1, 2012 the largest number of unemployed was registered in Baku (13,111 people, of which 463 people received unemployment benefits) and eighteen regions of Aran economic region (10,013 and 177 people respectively).

The average unemployment benefit in Azerbaijan increased by 9 percent in November compared to October.

Taking into account the consumer inflation per month (1 percent), the amount of real unemployment benefit increased by 8 percent.

The nominal allowance has been increased by 22.32 percent since the beginning of the year. The average unemployment benefit was 232.9 manat as of Dec. 1 compared to 213.5 manat as Nov. 1.

Around 1,071 people received this benefit during this period.

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