Review of transport sector in Azerbaijan (january-april 2013)

Analysis Materials 11 June 2013 16:16 (UTC +04:00)

The work on the construction and reconstruction of the country's transport infrastructure was underway in April, in particular, the reconstruction and expansion of the Ganja by-pass road (37.5 km) and Yevlakh-Ganja highway (with a length of 88.5 kilometers). The highway of Ranjbar-Gubali Baloglan-Pir Huseyn chapel was opened in Hajigabul region.

The construction of a new bridge with a length of 710 meters and a height above the sea level - 11 meters started on the road connecting the Pirallahi region with the coast of the Absheron Peninsula. A new bridge built over the Agchay river was also put into operation at 161 km of the Baku-Guba-Russian border. The length of the bridge was 84 meters, while the width - 21.5 meters.

The repair operations are underway within upgrading the Garasu-Padar and Garasu-Mugan railway sections of the Baku-Boyuk Kesik (the border with Georgia).

Baku Metro continued constructing several stations and depots in April.

The Azerbaijani government and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) signed an agreement on delivering a loan worth $ 250 million in Baku in April to construct a 32.2 kilometer Masalli-Jalilabad new four-lane road.

The freight transportation tariffs fell by 1.2 percent in the Azerbaijani transport sector in April compared to March (the State Statistics Committee's data). The tariffs on passenger transportation increased by 0.5 percent.

In January-April 2013, the Azerbaijani transport sector transported 66.2 million tons of cargo or 2.2 percent more than in Jan.-April 2012. Of the total volume of goods transported in January-April, 72.2 percent fell to the private sector, the Azerbaijani State Statistics Committee said. Some 53.6 percent of all cargo were transported by road, 28.9 percent - by pipelines, 11.2 percent - by railway and 6.3 percent - by sea.

Source: Azerbaijani State Statistics Committee

About 532.4 million people used transport in January-April, which is 7.8 percent more than the same period of 2012. Most of the passengers were transported by road transport (86.9 percent) and metro (12.9 percent).

Automobile transport takes the lion share in the transport field of the country. Some 35.4 million tons of cargo were transported by road transport, which is 7 percent more than in January-April 2012. The volume of passenger traffic totalled 462.5 million people (increase by 8.4 percent). Some 96.3 percent of the passengers were transported by buses and 3.7 percent - by cars.

Freight turnover by road during the period grew by 7.1 percent during the reporting period, and passenger turnover - by 9.3 percent. In January-April this year, some 7.4 million tons of cargo were transported by rail, compared to 7.1 million tons in January-April 2012. The number of loaded carriages made up 696, in average per day and unloaded - 533. Average daily load of carriages in the northern direction is 27,700 tons and in western direction 6,000 tons and southern direction - 5,300 tons.

Maritime transport carried 4.2 million tons of cargo compared to 4.3 million tons in January-April 2012. All cargo accounted for international operations. The volume of goods handled in ports in Azerbaijan in January-April amounted to 4.4 million tons, or 5 percent more than the same period of last year.

Some 60.6 percent of cargo shipping fell on oil and oil products, while 39.4 percent on dry cargo. Volume of international transit cargos processed in January-April increased by 5.6 percent. As of May 1, 2013, 15,100 tons of cargo left in the ports for import, which is 57.6 percent less compared to Jan.-April 2012.

In January-April, some 14.1 million tons of oil were transported via oil pipelines. During this period, 75 percent or 10.7 million tons of oil were transported via the BTC (data provided by the State Statistics Committee). In January-April Sangachal terminal transported 1 million tons of Turkmen oil via BTC.

Transportation via gas pipelines made up 7 billion cubic meters in Jan.-April. Some 19.7 percent of the transported gas fell on South Caucasus Pipeline. Some 1.4 billion cubic meters of gas were transported via this pipeline.

Some 465,500 passengers were transported by air transport, which is 11 percent more than in January-April 2012. Some 1.2 percent of traffic by this kind of transport fell to private sector. The volume of cargo transportation by air hit 36,200 tons in January-April increasing by 2.2 times. Some 68.6 million people were transported by metro (a 4.2 percent growth) compared to the same period of last year.

Some 14.7 million tons of cargo were transported through the Eurasian transport corridor through the territory of Azerbaijan in the first quarter, which is 5.6 percent more than in Jan.-March 2012. Some 69.4 million people were transported through the corridor, which is 7.2 percent more than in Jan.-March 2012.