Azerbaijani IT sector (January-May 2014)

Analysis Materials 14 July 2014 15:42 (UTC +04:00)

The Azerbaijani information and communication technology sector (ICT) is one of the most dynamically developing sectors of the national economy due its profitability and total profitability of this business. Although the main catalyst for the growth of Azerbaijan's economy is the oil and gas sector, the ICT sector also increases its capacity every year.

Information and communication services worth 594.5 million AZN were rendered for Azerbaijan's population and organizations in January-May, 2014, according to a report from Azerbaijani State Statistical Committee.

This figure is 12 percent more than in the same period of 2013.

Some 72.5 percent of information and communication services were rendered for the population, while 60.3 percent of the total income was received from mobile services.

Total revenues from mobile services rendered in Azerbaijan stood at 358.5 million AZN during the reporting period, which is 8.1 percent more than the figures for same period of 2013.


As of May 19, 2014, the volume of consumed incoming Internet traffic on the network of Azerbaijan's primary provider - the Delta Telecom company - fell by 10 percent and stood at 90 gigabits. The dynamics of the network load varies depending on the time of day, and the highest load is observed in the evening (90 gigabits). During daylight hours, the figure falls to 10 gigabits.

The maximum volume of outgoing Internet traffic totaled 20 gigabits in the daytime during the period from April 19 to May 19. Around 29 telecommunications operators (public and private Internet providers, mobile operators and others) share the traffic of Delta Telecom.

As of May 19, the highest volume of Internet traffic delivered to end users fell to BakinterNet public Internet provider (22.05 percent), it was followed by Uninet (trademark Stream) with 13.50 percent and Aztelekom with 12.84 percent share.

The remaining 51.61 percent were distributed among the following companies: AlfaNet, Azintex, Eurotelecom, Q-Telecom, Avirtel, Azedunet, Caspel, QlobalNet, TransEuroCom, Azerin, AzStarNet, Castel, MegaTelecom, Smart-Systems, Azeronline, Stellford (trademark Connect), Nakhchivan, Ultel, Azerphone, Azqtel, DATAPlus, Orbit-az, AzEuroTel, Bakcell, Eurocel and Data Processing Centre of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies.


The tariffs for 'Asan İmza' mobile electronic signature were reduced in Azerbaijan on May 16. The campaign on reducing tariffs started at the initiative of the Ministry of Taxes in order to stimulate the mass use of 'Asan Imza'. The tariffs have been reduced by 40 percent for individuals, 90 percent for legal entities and 80 percent for civil servants.

Azerbaijani Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population will start using mobile signature in the electronic information system for notification on employment contracts from June. With this regard, the Ministry of Taxes proposes new users to get Asan Imza at reduced tariffs as soon as possible. Individuals and legal entities, as well as civil servants can use this function for all three mobile operators in a single tariff - 18 AZN (VAT included) and use it for three years.

The total number of electronic digital signatures (EDS) issued by the National Certification Services Center increased by over 1.3 percent in Azerbaijan in April, 2014 and stood at 18,704 as of April 1. Around 12,798 out of the total number of issued EDS, fell to the state structures, 808 - were issued to legal entities, while around 5,098 EDS fell to citizens.

The number of visitors of the e-Government portal amounted to 48,483 in April. The total number of the appeals to the portal reached 623,078 from December 2012 to March 31, 2014. The number of appeals to the electronic services available on the portal stood at 1,084,452 during the reporting period.

Some 253 out of the total number of approved electronic services (428) are available on the e-Government portal (e-gov.az). The total number of the electronic services posted on the websites of Azerbaijan's state institutions is 453.