Auto Hooligans Detained by Police in North-East Azerbaijan Regions

Politics Materials 24 October 2007 17:03

Azerbaijan, Shaki / Trend corr. E. Guliyev / A total of 153 drivers were detained as a result of roadchecks by police in Azerbaijan's Northwest region.

Of them, 151 drivers were fined in five regions for installing too darkly tinted windows in their automobiles and the other two for auto hooliganism, the regional reporter of Trend Agency reported.

Administrative protocols were developed against thirty-six automobile owners in Azerbaijan's Shaki region.

Mammad Mamamdov, the Chief of the State Traffic Police Station of Sheki region, said Nizami Yusifov, a driver, was detained due to auto hooliganism.

Sheki is located 352km Northeast of Baku.

Twenty- nine drivers were fined in the Balakan region of Azerbaijan.

Balakan is located 441km Northeast of Baku.

Thirty-two drivers were fined in Zakatala region of Azerbaijan, forty-five in Gakh and ten in Oguz regions.

Zakatala is located 418km Northeast of Baku.