Opposition Leaders Highlight Conduct of Campaign against Azerbaijan Democratic Republic

Politics Materials 14 February 2008 20:45 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 14 February /corr. Trend S.Ilhamgizi / The opposition leaders highlighted that a campaign is held against Azerbaijan Democratic Republic.

On 19 May 1918, the National Council of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic made a decision to transfer Irevan as the capital of the newly established Armenian Republic.

Last week, the Chairman of Azerbaijan Parliament, Oktay Asadov, said that the Parliament will adopt a document disclosing the reasons for transferring Azerbaijani lands to Armenia and arguments against Armenia's claims. A commission is envisaged to be established, to investigate into this issue. The Co-chair of Azadlyg political bloc, Ali Kerimli, said that the campaign which is recently held against Azerbaijan Democratic Republic is unacceptable.

Azerbaijani historian Jamil Hasanli said that Azerbaijan's city of Irevan was transferred to the Armenians due to realities and requirements which existed at that period. However, he said that it is impossible to call the leaders of the Republic as traitors. "Just opposite, it needs to hold a campaign all over the world that in 1918 Azerbaijan ceded its own lands to Armenia and despite this, Armenia still makes territorial claims against Azerbaijan," Hasanli said.

Azerbaijani philologist Kamil Veli said that the internal accusations against the Government of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic may enable to hold a propaganda against Azerbaijan.

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