New Organization to be Established in Azerbaijan, Comprising Famous Opposition Leaders and Independent Politicians

Politics Materials 16 August 2008 12:59 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 16 August / Trend corr. E.Babayev / In Azerbaijan, it is expected to establish a new organization, which will comprise famous opposition leaders and independent politicians.

"I developed a proposal to from the centre, comprising famous and independent politicians. Assembling about ten-fifteen people, I consider possible to begin democratic movement. I think about it and negotiated with some people face to face," Panah Huseyn, opposition MP and member of the Musavat group of MPs, said to Trend .

The presidential elections will be held in Azerbaijan on 15 October. Azadlig bloc, uniting three opposition parties (Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan, Liberal Party and Citizen and Development Party), and Classical Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan decided to boycott the presidential elections. The Open Society, Musavat, Civil Solidarity, Democratic and Great Establishment parties, Azadlig bloc, as well as Eldar Namazov, the head of Public Forum of 'For Azerbaijan' refused to participate in the elections. After it, the establishment of coalition has become topical.

According to Huseyn, currently discussions are being held on its format and mechanism. "We are getting familiarized with the situation to realize the idea and currently, issues are under discussions. During establishment of the new organization, it is possible to consider the National Front's experience of establishment in 1988 and 1989. Surely, the political situation has considerably changed since that time and at present there are political parties and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO). However, I consider it possible to begin democratic movement. Other details will be specified during discussions and it is difficult to speak about concrete details on this matter," Huseyn said and refused to explain with whom he held talks.

Moreover, Husyen considers it important to gather parties, which refuse to join lections, by the beginning of the elections and to submit a united document. According to Huseynov, his idea can not prevent the parties to come together, he said. "The opposition should assess the existing political situation. The main reason of impossibility to participate in the elections testifies abnormal conditions to hold elections and the opposition's key goal should be directed towards changing these conditions. If such a situation remains by the parliamentary elections in 2010, the issue on participation in the elections will become topical. I think that the opposition does not need any mediator to establish a coalition and device a united document, expressing general position of the opposition concerning the elections," Huseyn said.

The MP thinks that the steps on unification should be taken and definite document be developed by the presidential elections.

"It will be incorrect to take any step in this direction after the elections and thoughts about it are incorrect. If parties participated in the elections, then it would be necessary to wait for its end. The situation will not change after 15 October. At present the political situation is in the centre of attention and definite steps can be taken by the elections," he said.

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