Doubts Cast over Conduct of Presidential Elections in Afghanistan

Politics Materials 2 September 2008 13:27 (UTC +04:00)

Afghanistan, Kabul, 2 September/ Trend , corr A. Hakimi/ The undermining of stability in Afghanistan has prompted distrust between government and population and lawlessness, chaos and disagreements among politicians calls into question the conduct of presidential elections in this country.

The Council of National Unity (opposition union against ruling party) demands to call international conference for the conduct of upcoming presidential elections and to address current problems.

The current chairman of Council of National Unity Jafar Kukhistani says it is important for all opposition forces and groups fighting with the government (Taliban) to take part in this conference.

The Council of National Unity held a scientific seminar Study of Current and Future Elections in order to solve presidential elections related problems. The participants of the seminar pointed to undermining of stability, cultivation and production of drugs, weakness of law, distrust between government and population and inaccurate voters' lists as a key obstacles for the conduct of presidential elections.

Kukhistani expressed his confidence that the resolution of border problem with Pakistan will play a big role in restoring stability in Afghanistan. He said if border problem is solved, the stability in Afghanistan can be restored by 70%.

He added the major reason for disagreements between Pakistan and Afghanistan is border problems. This problems still remains unsolved for already decades.

"The interference of some countries in the region and neighbors into the internal affairs of Afghanistan can be prevented through regional cooperation," Khukistani said. He said some neighboring countries and remote neighbors play a big role in undermining of stability in Afghanistan prior to presidential elections.

The other member of the Council of Unity Hafiz Mansur said if presidential elections in Afghanistan do not take place for some reasons, the population of the country will lose while groups involved in armed confrontation with the government and enemies of Afghanistan will gain. The elections must be held, otherwise, the enemies of the country will strengthen.

Some experts believe, the current President Hamid Karzai is interested in delaying presidential elections through facts of undermining stability.

Mansur said the voters must not vote for those who create distrust between population and government. The conduct of presidential elections in Afghanistan depends on solution of some problems, but the authorities are weak.

Meanwhile, the Election Commission responsible for the conduct of elections was subject to sharp critics by politicians and MPs.

Kukhistani accuses Election Commission of being non-neutral and not independent. "Members of Election Commission are elected by the members of the parliament and its chairman is appointed by President Karzai. It means president can exercise control over chairman of the commission," he said.

In spite of these problems, at present the members of parliament and governmental agencies, political parties and citizens are preparing for presidential elections in Afghanistan.

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