USA’s Attack on Iran’s Nuclear Sites Not to Stop Nuclear Program: Experts

Politics Materials 3 September 2008 12:53 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 3 September / Trend corr. D.Ibrahimova, T.Jafarov, V.Zhavoronkova/ United States' attack on Iran's nuclear sites will not solve the country's nuclear program but will be the beginning of a large-scale war, which will entail a catastrophe for the entire world.

"I do not think that the USA will attack Iran's nuclear sites. If I am wrong and the US does attack, this will not solve the problem but simply ignite a horrible war that nobody in their right mind would want," U.S. expert Michael Gunter, Professor at the Tennessee Tech University, said.

"The U.S. armed forces are ready to attack Iran's nuclear sites," New York Times said. Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf said Dutch Investigation in Iran (AIVD) had left the country since the States are expected to bomb Iran's nuclear sites in near future.

"Although there is always talk about an "October Surprise" as US elections draw near, I think it is highly unlikely that the US will attack Iran's nuclear sites given the quagmire it currently finds itself in Iraq," Gunter said.

"The US could not possibly be so stupid as to start a war under such conditions. Much more intelligent would be to continue to pursue UN sanctions against Iran along with the EU, Russia, China, and all other interested parties," Gunter said to Trend via e-mail.

Iranian expert Mohsen Sazegara ruled out States' attack on Iran's nuclear sites.

"Obviously, Iran long ago forecasted attack on its nuclear sites and moved the centrifuges to a new secret station to continue development of its nuclear program," Mohsen Sazegara, Chairman of the Iran Study Centre said to Trend in a telephone conversation from Washington.

According to Sazegara, nuclear stations are located in different regions of Iran and it is impossible to attack them all.

Deputy Chief of Iran's General Staff Seyyed Massoud Jazayeri said any attack on Iran would mean beginning of a world war. Any attack on Iran will primarily eliminate false and faked regimes, IRNA news agency reported.

"Even if all this diplomacy fails, the US would be able to use nuclear deterrence successfully against Iran, a state that is much weaker than the Soviet Union was during the Cold War. The US was able to use nuclear deterrence successfully for a half century against the Soviet Union without having to resort to war," said Gunter.

Sazegara said in fact Iran's success in development of the program is not great. He said that last month Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said 5,000 active centrifuges had been set up at the uranium enrichment stations, while country's Deputy Foreign Minister Alireza Sheikh Attar had said the figure is 4,000. Sazegara said the real number of P1 centrifuges in the Natanz nuclear station is 3,500 and some of them are not operated due to technical reasons.

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