Azerbaijan’s Former President Displeased with Activities of His Party

Politics Materials 27 September 2008 14:10 (UTC +04:00)
Azerbaijan’s Former President Displeased with Activities of His Party

Azerbaijan, Baku, 27 September/ Trend , corr I/ Alizade/ Ayaz Mutallibov, co-chairman of opposition Social Democratic Party of Azerbaijan (SDPA) and former President of Azerbaijan, who is in migration in Russia at present, is displeased with the activities of his party.

"The membership of the party has not grown over the last several years and we could not expand activities of the party," Mutallibov said in the 11th conference of the Social Democratic Party by telephone from Moscow.

SDPA is a lefty wing opposition party. The co-chairman of the party is Araz Alizade and the other co-chairman is Ayaz Mutallibov, former president who lives in immigration at present. Ayaz Mutallibov was elected first president in 1991 when Azerbaijan gained independence. Later an action was brought against him. He has been living in immigration in Russia since 1992.

The 11th conference of SDPA was held in the headquarters of the party on 27 September. A total of 89 representatives out of 103 elected from over 20 regional and city organizations took part in the conference. The co-chairmen of the party Mutallibov and Alizade, heads of the Central Committee and Central Control Commission made a report. The leadership and elected bodies of the party were formed once again.

Mutallibov said financial problems have weakened activities of the party. "But we can address these problems by doing our best," he said.

"When Bolsheviks began struggling they had neither financial opportunities, nor automobiles. But they struggled and won. We should work hard," he added.

SDPA has no offices in many of the regions of Azerbaijan. Several regional offices do not do anything, he said.

As to the recent disagreements within the party, he said unity is vital for the party.

Mutallibov described it as "disrespect, violation of law and regulations".

"I have never taken anybody's side," he said.

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