Studying Iran's Military Installations on Basis of US Allegations Out of IAEA Activities: Iran's Ambassador

Politics Materials 4 October 2008 10:58 (UTC +04:00)
Studying  Iran's Military Installations on Basis of US Allegations Out of IAEA Activities:   Iran's Ambassador

Azerbaijan, Baku, 3 October/ Trend , corr D. Ibrahimova/ Interview of Ali Asghar Soltanieh, Iranїs Ambassador to International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) with Trend .

Question: Following September report of IAEA Director General, US demanded to levy new sanctions against Iran. Can position of the United States have impact on IAEA-Iran relations?

Answer: As I have already said in my official statement to the general conference, United Nations Security Council involvement will be counterproductive and it will have negative impact of course and poison the positive constructive environment not only in IAEA but the environment which is needed for the negotiations with other countries. We can now ask for negotiations and we will talk about sitting at the table of negotiations, at the same time practice of resolution. This is very unfortunate and this is important that Al- Baradei, IAEA Director General has continuously informed in every board of government meetings for last five years that that there is no evidence of divergence and also in the first part of this conference he said that there has been a substantive progress regarding scope of nature of enrichment activities. These are important documents from IAEA. Therefore, there is no basis to pass resolution and any of these resolutions will be counterproductive and will only complicate the situation.

Question: Iranian officials say they have answered all questions of IAEA, but West demands Iran to inform about military aspect of development of nuclear program. What items of Iranїs explanation do not suit West?

Answer: When we say West, we mean US, UK and France. They are, in fact, taking the steps beyond the search of the IAEA, that is a very dangerous game. We can not by any means accept that secretariat will go beyond the legal applications of any country, not only Iran

Any country has national security. Therefore these few members expect Iran to open conventional military activity sites. This is impossible. No country in the world would permit them to do it. But, however, the nuclear agency has had the possibility to have an access for all nuclear installations and activities. They had 24 hours commanders watching it.

But if they want to go, for example, because of allegations based on the information on stolen laptop and to enter all military sites and lock the activities of missiles - this is out of the IAEA institute and activities. If they talk about the nuclear activities they are welcome, in fact, they have always been welcome.

Question: Iranian officials say they could not get familiar with documents which raised doubts, but US Ambassador to IAEA said opposite in his interview with Trend . Which of these statements are true?

Answer: IAEA was obliged to deliver the documents to study them. And they were obliged to give information about the assessment. How can one does not give documents about the allegation to a country if these allegations targeted against it? They were only shown a video Power Point presentation, this is very bad. The Americans have not given the permission to the IAEA to show to deliver to Iran these documents.

They were just showed, but that was not delivering. The showing is not good. Because they were obliged to deliver it. They deliver the documents, and then we will show them to our experts. They have not delivered the documents. I want you to reflect it in your media that the director general and also the head of safeguard department, one which before the briefing, one which before the board of government, officially presented and he said in his meeting for all members, for all the ambassadors that there is no prove of authenticity of the documents.

Therefore the documents are not original and authentic. The USA does not have any authentic or original documents. And it is very ridiculous that if they say that these documents are delivered to Iran, Iran may be able to use this and design and make a nuclear weapon. If they claimed that originally these documents have come from Iran, then they should have worried to give a copy of it.

Question: Now US is ready to cooperate with India though sanctions were imposed against it in 1970s because of its nuclear industry. What do you think of this cooperation?

Answer: This is a double standard policy. This is a serious setback for NPT (non-proliferation treaty). Those who joined NPT are inspected and controlled and those who are out of the NPT, they will get more and more technical and technological support. It is a historical mistake of the USA and this is a double standard which will have a negative affect on non proliferation regime.

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