Unification of Azerbaijani Opposition Impossible, Say Political Scientists

Politics Materials 29 October 2008 16:53 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 29 October / Trend corr. A.Huseynbala / Opposition in the country is not a political force, a member of the Azerbaijani Musavat Party Majlis (Assembly) said.

"Regardless of unification form of political movements considering themselves as opposition, their force is equal to zero," Hikmet Hajizade, a political scientist and member of the opposition Musavat Party Majlis, told Trend on 29 October.

The Opposition Cooperation Centre unites three opposition parties -Popular Front, Liberal and Citizen and Development, which are represented in the Azadlig bloc, as well as the Musavat party and public forum For the name of Azerbaijan. In early September, political organizations signed a joint statement to recognize the presidential elections illegal. Under the statement, the Government which would be formed as a result of the elections is considered illegal.

Although negotiations have begun to unify opposition in larger coalition after the elections, establishment of the similar unification was a failure by force of mutual accusations.

It is impossible to unify the Azerbaijani opposition leaders around the united idea, Zardusht Alizade, a political scientist, told Trend .

"Our opposition leaders' only objective is their own profit and career building," Alizade said.

According to Alizade, the opposition leaders' ideas are different. Therefore, they cannot unify for national interests.

"I believe that even in case of establishment of new unification, it will be fruitless. I worked together with many of current opposition leaders during establishment of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan. When these people had two choices - either Motherland, Karabakh or own profit, they preferred the latter," Alizade said.

The current opposition leaders are incapable to take any positive step for nation, the political scientist believes.

"Their current claims for unification are just a show. The opposition leaders seek to show their supporters, as if they are engaged in any activity. However, in realty, they are in nothing," Alizade said.

"Hajizade expressed such a pessimistic opinion because of definite problems at Musavat Party," Sardar Jalaloglu, the chairman of the opposition Azerbaijan Democratic Party (ADP), told Trend on 29 October.

According to Jalaloglu, Rauf Arifoglu, the editor-in-chief of Yeni Musavat newspaper, expressed the same opinions a while ago: "Leaders, who cannot come to power, should leave their positions, Arifoglu said. As you see, similar statements of the Musavat members are connected to interior problems of the party, exactly, with conflicts. They contest for position of Isa Gambar's successor," Jalaloglu said.

There is enough strong opposition in Azerbaijan, the ADP chairman believes: "It is impossible to achieve any positive results through democratic means under the current conditions. We cannot struggle against the whole world. Therefore, you should not blame opposition, such as Hajizade, but nation and international community, who support the Azerbaijani Government," Jalaloglu said.

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