Government Should Fulfill its Promise, Says Official of Iranian Justice Ministry

Politics Materials 6 November 2008 17:50 (UTC +04:00)

Iran, Tehran, 6 November / Trend corr. A.Nambdari / The main thing is not to make numerous decisions, but to promise and make decisions, as well as realize them , taking into consideration potential of the country, Mustafa Purmuhammadi, the chairman of the Organization for Supervision over State Bodies, said, criticizing the government.

"Tradition to give promise, which is not realized, should be changed and if anybody cannot realize his/her promise, let him not to sound it, Purmuhammadi said during his speech at Tolu-e-mehr institution in Gum on 4 November.

Earlier Purmuhammadi was the Interior Minister at the Iranian President Ahmedinejad's government. Purmuhammad was dismissed from the position, because he has had disagreement with the head of state in summer 2008.

Then Iranian Justice Minister Mahmoud Hashimi Shahrudi appointed Purmuhammadi chairman of Organization for Supervision over State Bodies.

Former Interior Minister's speech is directed to criticize Ahmedinejad's Government, the Iranian media reported on 6 November.

The Iranian President, who visited different Islamic countries within last three years, signed 1,000 projects, which so far have not been realized.

According to economic experts, the Iranian Government cannot realize more than 1,000 projects within four years.

Few number of the Government's financial sources will prevent to realize such huge projects, experts believe.

Ahmedinejad was elected Iranian President, winning at the elections in 2005. The next presidential elections in Iran will take place on 12 June in 2009.

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