European Union’s Report on PKK not Correspond to Realities

Politics Materials 14 November 2008 19:01 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 14 November /corr. Trend B.Hasanov/ Proposal of the European Union regarding solution of the problem of PKK and Turkey's adoption of a law pardoning PKK terrorists can not be ways of resolving the problems.

"Today armed confrontation with PKK continues. Adopting a general act on pardoning will be inexpedient and it is early to speak of such a law," International Crisis Group expert for Turkey Hugh Pope told Trend by telephone from Istanbul.  

The European Union prepared report on PKK. As a way of resolving the problem of PKK, it proposed to adopt in Turkey a law on pardon, affecting on all members of this terrorist organization, Timeturk news agency reported on 13 November.

Created in the end of 1970, the terrorist organization PKK, beginning from 1980, frequently committees acts of terror against the peaceful people and Armed Forces in the territory of Turkey. The basic purpose of the terrorist organization is to establish Kurdish State in the southeastern region of Turkey, where Kurds live.

Up to now, the armed forces of Turkey carry out military operations against PKK in Turkey and North Iraq.

Together with the military operations, Turkey took other measures to combat terrorism. Persecuted for a long time, the PKK leader Abdullah Ojalan was arrested by the security service of Turkey in February 1999. The arrest of Ojalan brought serious blow to the activity of PKK. However, the acts of terror of this organization in the territory of Turkey still continue.

Retired Turkish General Armagan Kuloglu assessed the version of solution in the report prepared by the European Union as an attempt to politicize the activity of PKK. Kuloglu considers that such reports have the goal to "inspire" those, who want to realize ideas of PKK inside Turkey in the political arena. "The aim of the report is to separate Turkey from the point of view of political governance," Kuloglu told Trend by telephone from Ankara on 14 November.

Well-known Turkish expert Fikret Artane said that the problem can not be solved with the adoption of law on pardon of terrorists of PKK. "Similar laws were introduced formerly as well, but PKK did not give up the arm, and does not believe that this will happen in the future," Artane told Trend by telephone from Istanbul on 14 November.

According to the expert, such reports are prepared by those, who sympathize with PKK in Europe. "Such reports are actualized by some forces in the European Union to put pressure on Turkey," said Ardan. Hugh Pope considers that today not pardoning terrorists of PKK, but expanding cultural rights of Kurds will help solve the Kurdish problem of Turkey.

It is reported that PKK has 5-6,000 terrorists. The acts of terror committed by PKK up to now killed more than 30,000 innocent civilians.

"Who can pardon PKK terrorists, who committed so many crimes?" said Kuloglu.

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