Georgian Azerbaijanis in need of coordination

Politics Materials 9 June 2009 08:50 (UTC +04:00)
Georgian Azerbaijanis in need of coordination

Azerbaijan, Baku, June 9 / Trend , J.Babayeva /

The Azerbaijanis residing in Georgia want large organization.

"Relations between non-governmental organizations of Azerbaijanis living in Georgia are very weak. While dealing with important issues and puting them at the national and international levels, conflicting ideas appear amongst different organizations. Azerbaijanis of Georgia need to be coordinated," Chairman of Azerbaijani Geyrat People's Movement ("Honour") Alibala Askerov told Trend by telephone from Tbilisi on June 8.

According to unofficial information of Azerbaijani NGOs operating in Georgia, about 500,000 Azerbaijanis reside in the country, mainly in the region of Kvemo-Kartli (Borchaly).

The Georgian Azerbaijanis complain of problems associated with studying the state language, education in mother language, as well as problems with the purchase of land and their representation in state agencies.

Askerov said that he supports the establishment of a coordinating center of Azerbaijani organizations involved in social activities.

"The center will be able to demonstrate a unified position on questions of public importance," said Askerov.
According Askerov, the issues on coordination of the Azerbaijanis living in Georgia has been on the agenda since 1993.

"We made an initiative to call a Republic congress of Azerbaijanis. Unfortunately, still there is no agreement between the organizations operating in various regions," said the chairman of the movement.

A number of NGOs of the Azerbaijanis operate in 13 regions of Georgia and in Tbilisi. "The coordination of the Azerbaijanis in Georgia is at a lower level than the coordination of Armenians, and the reason for this is the ambition of the organizations. Establishment of a strong non-Georgian organization in Georgia is not in the interest of the government," said Askerov.

"When the Congress of Azerbaijanis of Georgia was established, the goal was to achieve the coordination of the Azerbaijanis. During establishment of the Congress, we met with representatives of NGOs and Azerbaijanis and invited them to participate in the Congress," Chairman of the Congress of Georgian Azerbaijanis (KGA) Ali Babayev told Trend by telephone from Tbilisi on June 8.
According Babayev, although some NGOs created by Azerbaijanis of Georgia have been registered, they do not function.
"Unfortunately, some non-governmental organizations appear in the Azerbaijani press, but in reality they do not operate in Georgia," said the Chairman of KGA.

He said that the most coordinated non-governmental organization - the Congress of Georgian Azerbaijanis - is popular amongst the public. "The Congress implements projects related to solution of problems and ensuring the rights of Azerbaijanis living in Georgia," said Babayev.

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