Uzbek public administration system needs modernizing

Politics Materials 23 July 2011 14:12 (UTC +04:00)
The Uzbek public administration system needs reforming, Uzbek expert Rafik Sayfulin said.

Azerbaijan, Baku, July 23 / Trend V. Zhavoronkova /

The Uzbek public administration system needs reforming, Uzbek expert Rafik Sayfulin said.

Uzbek MPs critically assessed the government's activity for the first time. It was voiced by several MPs in response to the report of Prime Minister Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

A joint resolution of upper and lower houses of the parliament stressed that the government's work to further promote market-oriented economic reforms and to modernize the country still does not meet requirements. But the state program "Year of small business and private entrepreneurship", approved for the current year, is implemented with a serious backlog from the scheduled dates.

MPs also touched on other areas of the state's activity.

The expert assessed MPs' criticism as a really quite new phenomenon in Uzbekistan.

"Everything is usually implemented according to a script in the parliament," the expert told Trend over phone from Tashkent. "But claims were put forward here and they deserve attention."

He said that this event said that apparently, the public administration system of the republic needs modernizing today.

At present, Uzbekistan needs an opportunity to hold free discussions on the reforms and development of the economy and other spheres.

"Perhaps, it is necessary to move towards a more open exchange of views on how to develop all this and the fact that these statements were made in the parliament," Sayfulin. "This is a very symbolic thing."

The last year's statement and a detailed program of President Karimov on the need to modernize the public administration system, the liberalization of the government and other reforms led the parliament to criticism, the analyst said.

"This idea caused great resonance now," he said. "I think that this is a very positive action. The main thing is for these possible reforms to pass easily within the civilized discussion."