Sumgayit 1988 events - part of plan to seize Azerbaijan's territory, says analyst

Politics Materials 15 January 2020 16:03 (UTC +04:00)
The history of crimes committed in Azerbaijan’s Sumgayit city, leave no doubt that these crimes were carried out by Armenian nationalists, political expert Aydin Guliyev told Trend
Sumgayit 1988 events - part of plan to seize Azerbaijan's territory, says analyst

BAKU, Azerbaijan, Jan. 15

By Samir Ali - Trend:

The history of crimes committed in Azerbaijan’s Sumgayit city, leave no doubt that these crimes were carried out namely by Armenian nationalists, Editor-in-Chief of Azerbaijan’s Baki Khabar newspaper, political expert Aydin Guliyev told Trend.

The true essence of the events in Sumgayit was revealed long ago, however, Armenia and the Armenian lobby don’t leave attempts to impose their insinuations on the world community, said Guliyev.

“It has been fully proven that the events in Sumgayit in 1988 were organized and executed by Armenian special services, terrorists,” the expert noted. “There is numerous evidence that in anticipation of Sumgayit events, the Armenians did special preparatory work. Investigations by the authorities of Azerbaijan and the former USSR unequivocally prove that the Armenians committed these events with special intent.”

Guliyev said Armenian ideological centers used the same inhumane methods they have been using more than once over the past century.

“The Armenian tactics are as follows - kill their own people, blame it on the Turkic world, form the image of a martyred people and thus justify their groundless territorial claims. The same vicious aggressive tactics were applied in Sumgayit,” said the expert.

“The Sumgayit events in February 1988 in the wake of the separatist movement in Nagorno-Karabakh was a planned component of the plan of the Armenians to seize Azerbaijan’s territory. The organization of these events immediately after the outbreak of separatism in Khankendi city are actions that complement each other within the Armenian aggressive strategy,” Guliyev said.

The expert said that structureless power in Azerbaijan and the deprivation of Heydar Aliyev of authority in Moscow by the end of 1980s simplified the implementation of the Armenians’ plans.

"The facts prove that the moving Heydar Aliyev away from the political arena of the USSR during the activity of the separatist movement in Nagorno-Karabakh region was the primary stage of the Armenian plan,” Guliyev said.

“The events in Sumgayit, following the adoption of an absolutely unlawful decision to "annex" Nagorno-Karabakh in favor of Armenia, in accordance with the Armenians’ plan, should have assured the world community that "living with Azerbaijanis within Azerbaijan is dangerous. Bloodshed in Sumgayit was necessary for this"," Guliyev said.

“Armenian nationalists strived for realization of the killings of Armenians in Azerbaijan so much that if Sumgayit didn't work out, they would have tried to do so in other Azerbaijani regions," Guliyev said.

“Multinational population in Sumgayit, including many Armenians, deep structuring of the Soviet State Security Committee (KGB) in the city created extremely favorable conditions for their bloodthirsty plans,” the expert said.

“If such a statesman as Heydar Aliyev was in power that period, the attempt of Armenians to commit the massacre and blame it on Azerbaijanis, would fail,” Guliyev said.

"The tragedies in Sumgayit and then in Khojaly were required by the Armenians to strengthen the false thesis of the impossibility of the coexistence of two communities within Azerbaijan, to convince the world that it is necessary to occupy the adjacent areas for the safety of Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh,” the expert said.

“All these and other tragedies in Azerbaijan occurred in accordance with Armenia’s aggressive plans against Azerbaijan,” Guliyev said. “However, the effect of the events in Sumgayit in the form conceived by the aggressor, did not last long.”

“In particular, systematic diplomacy and politics which was observed after Heydar Aliyev returned to power made it possible to prove the guilt and aggression of Armenians," Guliyev added.

“Despite Armenia’s attempts to use these events against Azerbaijan, Baku managed to expose the insidious enemy and convey the essence of the Sumgayit events to the world," Guliyev added.