After squeezing everything out of Armenia, Soros will leave it be - Russian analyst

Politics Materials 13 January 2021 14:56 (UTC +04:00)
After squeezing everything out of Armenia, Soros will leave it be - Russian analyst

Baku, Azerbaijan, Jan.13


George Soros and his agents will leave Armenia alone after squeezing everything out of it, Russian historian, political analyst, professor Oleg Kuznetsov told Trend.

Kuznetsov was commenting on the presence of representatives of different organizations, for example Transparency International or other human rights organizations, controlled by Soros, in the country’s government, and potential danger of such external influence on the representatives.

According to Kuznetsov, all the above structures serve the interests of transnational elites and corporations, which are deeply alien to the national interests of individual countries and their peoples, including Armenia and Armenians.

"These structures compete with each other and fight for world domination or the redistribution of spheres of influence in the planetary scale, and therefore for them the small country of Armenia with a population of two million is just a small pawn in the global geopolitical game, the fate of which is only interested in how long it will be able to resourcefully support and ensure the interests of one of the global players," he said.

He noted that neither Soros-controlled organization, any other international organization, transnational corporation nor any European country helped Armenia during the war with Azerbaijan.

“Moreover, none of the international human rights organizations, representatives of which are now part of the Armenian government have made statements in its support or defense. Everyone turned away from Armenia in difficult times - the Diaspora, external sponsors, and external “puppeteers”, while Russia supported Armenia only after Pashinyan urged the Kremlin to save his country.

Commenting on the fact that a monument to Garegin Nzhdeh was erected in Armenia, and thus the ideas of fascism in society are idealized and promoted there, Oleg Kuznetsov stressed that this can lead to fatal consequences both for this country itself and for its population.

The expert noted that, as the world practice of human history of the XX and XXI centuries showed, the fascization or nazification of society, in whatever country it happens, will, sooner or later, lead to fatal consequences both for this country itself and for its population. Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Chile, Salvador, Cambodia and dozens of other countries passed through this.

"The establishment of an aggressive nationalist ideology in any country, even if it doesn’t lead to wars, then inevitably results in the enslavement of society by the state, or rather, by the ruling party, drop in the level of education, which ultimately necessarily leads to the most severe socio-economic crisis in the country, degradation not only of morality, all other spheres, from the economy to the armed forces and state security structures. This is what we see in Armenia," he added.

Kuznetsov offered to look at Europe: all the former allies and satellites of Nazi Germany - Italy, Spain, Portugal, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, are among the weakest economies of the European Union, although they certainly look very preferable in comparison with the poorest African countries rather than the EU neighbors.

"The above European countries have such weak economies despite that all of them are located in milder climatic conditions compared to more economically powerful countries of the Old World. That is, a country that has been ill with Nazism or fascism will experience the consequences of this disease many decades to come," he added.

"Nazism, as history showed, first of all poses a threat to the bearers of this ideology, causing their degradation, and only then to everyone around them. I hope that Yerevan will understand this soon enough," he noted.

In Kuznetsov’s opinion, first of all, the Armenians must, without a preliminary procedure, get rid of Nazism in their country.

"For this, it’s necessary to ban and dissolve the Republican Party of Armenia, to dismiss its current and former members from all positions in the civil service, to nationalize the property of this party and all financial and economic assets associated with it,” he further said. “Also, all the monuments to Garegin Nzhdeh should be dismantled and all urban infrastructure objects named after him should be renamed.”

According to him, the above steps will allow Armenia to get out of the foreign economic blockade, in which it found itself as a result of its ambitious-aggressive foreign policy activity and territorial claims to neighboring states - Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey.

The expert stressed that the leadership of Armenia must also urgently conclude agreements on peace, friendship and good relations with all its neighbors, and first of all, with Azerbaijan and Turkey, without which the successful economic development of this country will be just impossible.

“I understand that all this will be very painful for the Armenian society, since it will have to abandon the socio-political postulates of the last hundred years, but there is no other option. Armenia today has only two paths of potential development - denazification or self-isolation following the example of North Korea, which however has China feed it with rice, while Armenia doesn’t and won’t have any country which could ensure its security. Therefore, today Armenia simply doesn’t have an alternative," Kuznetsov said.