France fails to comply with UN resolutions - foreign relations adviser

Politics Materials 30 May 2024 16:41 (UTC +04:00)
Elchin Mehdiyev
Elchin Mehdiyev
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BAKU, Azerbaijan, May 30. France fails to comply with the UN resolutions, Marania Vaianui, foreign relations adviser to the deputy chairman of the ruling party of French Polynesia (Tāvini Huiraʻatira), general coordinator of Tāvini in Punaauia, Trend reports.

She made the statement at a conference in Azerbaijan's Parliament on "French Polynesia's right to decolonization: challenges and prospects".

Vaianui emphasized that UN resolutions indicate that Polynesia should be liberated from colonialism.

“We seek support from 193 countries. Our aim is the freedom of our people, enabling us to liberate our lands and utilize our natural resources efficiently,” she added.

To note, heads and secretaries of commissions of the Parliament of French Polynesia (Mā'OHI Nui), as well as leading staff of the ruling Tāvini Party, have arrived in Azerbaijan on a visit.

The purpose of the four-day visit is to explore potential inter-parliamentary, economic, and humanitarian collaborations between Azerbaijan and French Polynesia, spanning various fields like science, education, sports, and health.

The delegation from French Polynesia's visit was extended at the invitation of the Baku Initiative Group, which focuses on addressing colonialism and its contemporary forms in the 21st century.

This visit aligns with the Cooperation Agreement between the Baku Initiative Group and the Tāvini Party, formalized during the "The Path to Decolonization: Consequences of Assimilation and its Implications for the Realization of Human Rights" international conference held at the UN Office in Vienna on April 30.

The Tāvini party has persistently advocated for the independence of French Polynesia over the years.