Big funds revealed from former ministers

Politics Materials 21 October 2005 19:40 (UTC +04:00)

Farhad Aliyev, the Minister for Economic Development, who was arrested on Wednesday with charges in accordance with Articles 179.3 (misappropriation and assimilation), 308.2 (misappropriation of service duties), 28.220 (preparation for public disorder), 278 (forced accession to power) of the Criminal Code. During the search in his houses and summers houses the operative group revealed foreign currency, jewelry art works and different valuable things acquired through criminal way, according to a joint statement issued on Friday by the Ministry of National Security, the Interior Ministry and the Prosecutor General’s Office.

During the search the group revealed US $50,500, 6,000 euros and 860 British pounds in his study, while 30,000 euros and US $6,500 were tawkn away in the house located in the military unit вЂ�Krasniy Vostok’, 34 valuable pictures and 500,000 privatization checks вЂ" from his summer houses.

Besides, the search group revealed US $565 and 5,603bn manats from the office of Azpetrol’s company, owned by his brother Rafik Aliyev.

The group took away a number of guns and jewelry, 7 pistols and hunting guns, documents for ownership of a number of property. The search continues at facilities belonging to Aliyev.

During the search in Insanov’s houses and summers houses they revealed US $1,289m, 884,000 euros, gold ingots and jewelry with the weight of 25kg, documents for ownership of a number of property, 17 valuable pictures. Besides, $20,000 and different valuable things were taken away. Besides, 1,217m was taken from Maherramov’s house and $8,900 - from his study.

Measures for revealing the criminal elements are underway.