Withdrawal of Russian armed technique from Georgia to Armenia cannot deteriorate military-political situation in region, Russian defense minister assures

Politics Materials 31 May 2006 13:09 (UTC +04:00)

The small part of the armed technique and military property, withdrawn from Akhalkalaki, Georgia, and sent to the Russian base Gumri in Armenia, cannot lead to destabilization of military-political situation in the region. The Russian Defense Minister, Sergey Ivanov, made the statement to a news conference in Baku on 3 May. He was commenting on the results of a meeting of CIS Defense Ministers in Azerbaijan.

Not only the technique but the military property is also withdrawn, the minister underlined. It will not violate Russias flank commitments set by the Treaty on reduction of armed forces in Europe.

The minister noted that the major part of technique, including the heavy technique, placed in Akhalkalaki is delivered to Russia via Azerbaijan.

As to Batumi base, it will be liquidated a bit later and the technique will be mainly delivered by sea, Ivanov stressed.