A Range of Azerbaijani Opposition Parties Operate Without Headquarters

Politics Materials 12 July 2007 16:36 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku / Trend corr. S.Ilhamgizi / A range of Azerbaijani parties are operating without headquarters. The National Democratic Party (NDP), the Great Establishment Party (GEP), the Azadlyg Party, the Azerbaijani National Independent Party (ANIP), and the National Front Party of Azerbaijan (NFPA) do not have central offices.

The State Commission on State Property Management is supposed to allocate offices for all of the registered parties. Parties can rent apartments in private facilities on the base of contract.

ANIP was removed from its headquarters and since then has had to rent an apartment in a private tenement. Presently, ANIP's central office operates out of the Nasimi branch of the party.

In spite of an appeal made by the NDP to the Azerbaijani Justice Ministry, the party has not been registered yet. Due to this reason the party was not provided with premises for its headquarters and has to hold its meetings in the Classic Population Party's (CPP) office.

The GEP, founded in 2001 was temporarily placed in the Adalat Party's headquarters. GEP refused to move to an apartment allocated by the State Committee as it was unsuitable for carrying out its functions. The GEP will settle the problem in court. The Azadlyg Party has already appealed to the courts against the State Committee. Despite the party having received state registration, it has not been provided with its own headquarters.

The NFPA was removed from its Baku headquarters at 33 Khagani Street. Presently, the party does not have its own headquarters and was placed in the Azadlyg newspaper's editorial office.

The State Committee has reported that it only allocates offices for State organizations.

Currently, the State Committee is considering all submitted appeals. The fee for rent is calculated on the base of sum established by the Azerbaijani Cabinet of Ministers. In the past, the Committee has signed such contracts with various parties.