Over January-July 2006 Azerbaijan Carried out Trade Operations with Almost 130 Countries

Business Materials 19 August 2006 14:50 (UTC +04:00)

Over the period January-July 2006 the Azerbaijan total volume of trade operations with 129 countries worldwide had made $5,899 237 400. According to the State Customs Committee, over this period the export on 1.800 sorts of goods at the volume of $3, 290 796 800 had been carried out, the total cost of all 5178 sorts of the goods being imported had made $2, 608 440 500. Thus the blank ink had made $682 356 300.

The increase of export operations had made 4,17 per cent ($1, 679017 200) in comparison with the analogical period of the last year, the increase of import operations had made 1,37 per cent ($35 267 600 С'ыс.) in comparison with the analogical period of the last year.

The increase of imports was triggered by the increase in the volume of various types of equipment including medical, electrical equipment, and land carriers imported to the country.