Greenfields Petroleum updates on work at Azerbaijan’s Bahar gas field

Oil&Gas Materials 27 December 2021 14:53 (UTC +04:00)

BAKU, Azerbaijan, Dec.27

By Leman Zeynalova – Trend:

Gas production at Azerbaijan’s Bahar field was 16.9 MMcfd in September, which was down 1.6 MMcfd from August production due to natural field declines and a drop in flowing pressure the B144 well, Trend reports with reference to the US Greenfields Petroleum Company, which operates the project through its subsidiary BEOC.

The table below shows the work carried out at the field during the reporting period:


Work Description


Bahar, GZU-2

Proceeding the installation of 12" gas flow line pipe supports along the existing bridge according to the project. Expansion of the existing comb separatorarea in the south-western part of the working area. Reinforcement of lines coming from wells in the southern part of the existing working site and installation of 6x13m service platform. Have started installation of pipe fittings and comb type separator fabricated in the workshop, on the pannels

in progress

Qum-D niz, PLT65

Moving construction crew to PLT65to carry out restoration and repairs as well to prepare wells 187, 189, 190& 191forWOs. Installation of 8th panel 60mm 10x10. Fabrication of pedestal on the east side of the well191.

in progress

Bahar, PLT20

Carrying out repairand restoration works in order to prepare the well 206forWO located at PLT20of "Bahar" field, Completed assembling the 4th 10x10m panel. Installation of new panel, rig on the pedestal and fixing-tighting works.

in progress

Bahar, PLT48

Repair& installation works as preparation of wells 145& 146at PLT48Bahar field forWO ops.


The Bahar Gas Field is located in shallow water 40 km southeast of Baku, offshore in the South Caspian Basin. The Bahar Gas Field is located in the South Apsheron Offshore Zone of the South Caspian Basin, and is found along the Fatmai-Gum Adasi anticlinal trend which includes the Gum Deniz and Shakh Deniz structures. The Bahar structure is a north-south trending faulted anticline that is approximately 9.5 kilometres in length and 3.5 kilometres in width. The field was discovered in 1968 and production began in 1969 with cumulative production year end 2017 of 4.54 Tcf and 84 MMbbls condensate.

The Bahar Gas Field consists of 45 offshore platforms including a central processing and metering platform to gather the gas for onward transport through a three 12-inch pipelines to the shore-based gas and liquid handling facilities. The platforms, in most cases are built on 24 to 30 pilings each in an average water depth of about 16 metres.


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