Rouhani: Iran ready to eliminate nuclear dispute (UPDATE 2)

Iran Materials 25 September 2013 02:23 (UTC +04:00)
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani began his speech at United Nation General Assembly.
Rouhani: Iran ready to eliminate nuclear dispute (UPDATE 2)

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Azerbaijan, Baku, Sept. 25 /Trend, D.Khatinoglu/

The president's speech at the UNGA is being broadcast live from the first channel of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB).

"There are threats in the world, threat of war, threat of battles among religions, nations, threat of violations against humanitarian values, drought and battle for water sources, etc. however, there is some hopes" he said.

According to him, Iran's latest presidential elections, held in June, was an example of the hope in region.

Rouhani said Iran is not only a threat, but has been the herald of peace. "However, Some countries have attempted to introduce Iran as a threat during last three decades.

Iranian president went on saying that Islamophobia, Iraniphobia, baseless propagandas and discourses are the real threat against the global peace and security.

"They who say Iran is a threat, themselves are a threat for international security or escalate the threat. For what guilt Iranian nuclear scientists have been assassinated? The sanctions are brutal and target people, not government" Rouhani added.

He said that Iranian nuclear program is peaceful and producing nuclear weapon is against of Iranians' mission and ideals.

He added that Iran is ready to eliminate nuclear dispute with West and this is possible with respecting Iran's rights and mutual respects.