Britain predicted a UN Security Council vote before Christmas

Iran Materials 21 December 2006 17:09 (UTC +04:00)

(IranMania) - Britain predicted a UN Security Council vote before Christmas on a resolution imposing sanctions on Iran after Europeans dropped a mandatory travel ban opposed by Russia, Reuters reported.

"The expectation is that this text will be voted on Friday morning," British Ambassador Emyr Jones Parry told reporters after a meeting of the 15 council members.

But Russia said there were two or three provisions it wanted changed and hoped they would be resolved shortly. The US envoy said Washington was still studying the text.

In preparation for a vote, Britain and France, who, along with Germany, drew up a third version of the resolution, distributed the draft to the 15 UN Security Council members.

In the main, the resolution bans imports and exports of materials and technology relating to uranium enrichment, reprocessing and heavy-water reactors, as well as ballistic missile delivery systems, reports Trend.

And in a concession to Russia, it has excluded any mention of a light-water reactor Moscow is building at Bushehr in southern Iran, the country's first nuclear power plant.

The measure is a reaction to Iran's failure to comply with an August 31 UN deadline to suspend uranium enrichment work and resume negotiations. Iran says it is pursuing nuclear power for peaceful means while the West says its research is a cover for bomb-making.