Iranian Embassy denies Iran-North Korea cooperation on nuclear test

Iran Materials 1 February 2007 12:00 (UTC +04:00)

(www.irna.ir) - Iranian Embassy in Moscow has rejected reports in a section of the foreign media about Iran-North Korea cooperation in conducting nuclear tests.

According to a statement issued by the Iranian Embassy in Moscow, which was released by Russian news agencies, all of Iran's nuclear activities are peaceful and that nuclear weapons are rejected by Iran's defense doctrine.

The reports said that such baseless news just aim to divert public opinion from Iran's positive and peaceful nuclear activities and its nuclear right based on NPT.

Quoting the British newspaper, Daily Telegraph, such reports said recently that Iran is getting prepared to conduct nuclear test in cooperation with North Korea.

The statement underlined that the uranium enrichment technology has been developed by Iranian scientists only for peaceful use in Iran, reports Trend.

"The transparency of Iran's performance in the nuclear field has been repeatedly confirmed by the International Atomic Energy Agency, which clarifies any unfounded ambiguity on Iran's targets," added the document.