Iran, its allies seeking way to defeat US sanctions: VP

Politics Materials 6 November 2018 13:40 (UTC +04:00)

Tehran, Iran, Nov. 6


Iran and its allies are seeking a way to defeat US sanctions, Iran's vice president, Es'haq Jahangiri, said during a meeting on November 6.

"We should decide and approach with precision. The Americans have imposed sanctions against people of Iran with their maximum pressure, but the important thing is that they are isolated in the world, no one in Europe, Asia and American continent supports these sanctions except Israel and two countries in Persian Gulf." he added.

"The US allies are seeking to oppose the US unilateralism to show their economic independence from US politics. Everyone believes that the US sanctions are an unethical act, because Iran has met its all commitments,” Iran’s VP noted.

“Sanctions will mostly hurt children and poor people. The US has set the sanctions as a part of the new presidential agenda to create uncertainty in Iran's economy,” said Jahangiri.

“The US has said they want to cut Iran's oil sale to zero, but we said you can’t and they have not succeeded. The US even exempted eight countries from the sanctions. They like to say that we have allowed these countries to buy oil from Iran.”

"Due to golden opportunities for Iran and its allies in the world, including China, Russia and the EU, we all want a way to defeat the US sanctions, because foreign companies cannot work with bullies. We hope to find a way together," he added.