Official Damascus Condemns Air Strikes in East of Syria by U.S. Air Armed Forces

Israel Materials 27 October 2008 13:59 (UTC +04:00)

Syria called the US attack within its borders on 26 October evening a heinous crime and a statement issued by Damascus said the country was reserving the right to respond as it would see fit, the  Jerusalem Post newspaper reported.

The raid of the US four military helicopters in the town of Abu Kamal, two of which, according to eye witnesses, fired the building in the region, and militaries from other two helicopters landed and killed inhabitants, perhaps, its was the anti terrorist operation

Syrian ambassador to Britain Sami Al Khiyami said he was convinced the US was hunting for terrorists based on false intelligence. At least eight people were killed when US military helicopters bombed targets in a Syrian border town near Iraq after global jihad operatives allegedly crossed the border into Syria.

Israeli defense officials said the incident was not connected to Israel and confirmed that the American troops had been chasing global jihad suspects in Iraq. A government statement carried by the official Syrian Arab News Agency said the attack occurred at the Sukkariyeh Farm near the town of Abu Kamal, eight kilometers inside the Syrian border.

The US military officials confirmed the attack fact on the east of Syria. The US commander said in the interview to journalists in the west of Iraq that the US militaries would double forces to provide security in the Syrian border, from which rebels and terrorists enter the Iraqi territory.

Major-General John Kelly said at the briefing that the west borders in Iraq with Saudi Arabia and Jordan were impenetrable enough. This was the result of a good work by security forces of the country. The issue with Syria differs and it is quite 'another story'.

"Syria, I think, does not control its border with Iraq. We still face foreign militaries passing the borders of the country. The US renders assistance to build sandy embankment and channels along the border. No barrier had been erected there for a long period," Kelly said.

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