Iranˈs nuclear program totally transparent: Najafi

Photo: Iranˈs nuclear program totally transparent: Najafi / Nuclear Program

Iranˈs Ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Reza Najafi on Thursday reiterated his countryˈs nuclear program was completely peaceful, IRNA reported.

Reacting to comments by the head of the UN nuclear watchdog Yukiya Amano who had urged Iran to show greater transparency of its nuclear program, Najafi expressed surprise over Amanoˈs remarks, pointing to the current good cooperation between the IAEA and Tehran.

Iran has fulfilled its obligations assumed as part of the Joint Plan of Action, which was adopted by the E3 plus 3 and Tehran in Geneva on November 24. Iran has also undertaken voluntary measures which indicate all aspects of its nuclear program are completely transparent, Najai said.

He added the IAEA had certified its in latest reports that Iranˈs nuclear program was peaceful and was not diverted for other purposes.

Najafi was referring to Amanoˈs interview with Chinaˈs Xinhua News Agency in which he said the IAEA could not conclude all the nuclear material and facilities in Iran are for a peaceful purpose because Tehran had not implemented the modified code 3.1, which required member states to provide the IAEA with early notification of planned construction of nuclear facilities.

Furthermore, Iran had not complied with its additional protocol, which commands greater transparency of its nuclear program, Amano was quoted saying.

Najafi emphasized Iranˈs stance on the modified code 3.1 and the additional protocol were also clear, as Tehran had signed both of them and implemented them but halted its implementation after Iranˈs nuclear file was referred to the UN Security Council and unjust sanctions were imposed on Tehran.

He made clear that as long as the anti-Iran sanctions are in place and talks on a final nuclear agreement are ongoing, the IAEA could not expect Iran to implement the additional protocol.

Najafi said based on the latest IAEA report, Iran was complying with all its obligations as laid out in the Geneva interim accord which is to expire on July 20.

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