Georgia urges int’l community to create new security mechanisms in occupied territories

Photo: Georgia urges int’l community to create new security mechanisms in occupied territories / Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia, Feb. 26

By Nana Kirtzkhalia - Trend:

The Georgian Foreign Ministry called on the international community to assess the situation in the occupied territory of the country and take the appropriate measures to prevent Russia's illegal actions.

"The Georgian Foreign Ministry expresses its deep outrage in connection with the illegal actions of Russian servicemen along the occupation line in the Tskhinvali region," the Georgian Foreign Ministry said on Feb. 25.

The Russian occupation forces have recently resumed the installation of barbed wire in the Gogeti and Atotsi villages in the Kareli district, according to the information.

The ministry stressed that the process of installing the barbed wire by Russian forces in the direction of the occupied Tskhinvali region was suspended within the last two weeks.

"Unfortunately, despite the calls from the international community, the Russian Federation continues violating the principles of international law and the ceasefire agreement as of August 12, 2008," according to a statement.

The Georgian government condemns the illegal actions that adversely affect the humanitarian situation of the Georgian population and significantly limit its internationally recognized rights, including the right to free movement and getting education in their own language.

"The critical situation in the occupied regions of Georgia testifies to the need for appropriate security mechanisms," according to the statement.

Large scale military action was launched in South Ossetia on August 8, 2008. Later, Russian troops occupied Tskhinvali and expelled the Georgian military.

Russia recognized the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia in late August. In response, Tbilisi ended diplomatic relations with Moscow and has called the two unrecognized republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia occupied territories.

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