Azerbaijani FM: Murder of Azerbaijani child by Armenians not differ from act of terror (UPDATE)

Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict Materials 15 July 2011 20:50 (UTC +04:00)

Details were added (first version was posted at 19:43)

Azerbaijan, Baku, July 15 /Trend S.Agayeva/

Armenia, taking the sight at the children, once again showed its true face to the international community, and continues to shed the blood of innocent people, especially children, Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry spokesman Elkhan Polukhov told Trend.

"The fact that an explosive device was found in the Tovuz River, which origins from Armenia and which flows through the village of Alibeyli, shows that this device was made by the Armenian side purposefully and for special purpose. The fact that an explosive device was loaded into a toy shows that from the beginning, the target was children, and this is an indication of the true intentions of Armenians," Polukhov said.

Azerbaijan strongly condemns this brutal and dirty act of Armenia, and considers that such an action in such a tense period inflicts a direct blow to the establishment of mutual trust between the sides, said Foreign Ministry spokesman.

"The murder of a child with an explosive device can only be called terror. The Armenian side has repeatedly demonstrated atrocities and brutality with regards to the civilian population, especially children, in spite of all the requirements of the international law. It once again indicated its true face. The persons, who once ordered committing genocide in Khojaly, today also order to kill innocent people," he said.

Azerbaijan urges the international community to condemn the ongoing actions of Armenia, because of which thousands of Azerbaijani children were killed or became disabled, Polukhov said. For such actions, the Armenian side can only be named the killer of children.

A terrible accident occurred in the Alibayli village of Azerbaijan's Tovuz district, bordering Armenia. An explosive killed a 13-year-old girl, Aygun Shahmaliyeva, and heavily wounded her 32-year-old mother Elnara Shahmaliyeva in the hip.

A toy dog was loaded with an explosive device and dropped by what was believed to be the Armenian side into the Tovuz River flowing through the Alibeyli village.

Elsevar Jafarov and Aygun Shahmaliyeva, who were playing near the river, brought the toy to the home of Hasan Jafarov. When Aygun Shahmaliyeva placed the toy on the table, the device inside detonated.

The Shahmaliyevs live in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The family came here to visit their relatives.

The local prosecutor's office has launched an investigation.

The similar accident occurred here in 1994 when two kids were killed and one wounded as a result of an explosion of a toy dropped by Armenian side into the river.