World community’s indecision helps Azerbaijani lands occupation

Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict Materials 8 April 2014 12:38 (UTC +04:00)
The indecision of international organizations, including the CIS, has promoted the unpunished occupation of the Azerbaijani lands for a long time,
World community’s indecision helps Azerbaijani lands occupation

Baku, Azerbaijan, April 8

By Ilkin Izzet - Trend:

The indecision of international organizations, including the CIS, has promoted the unpunished occupation of the Azerbaijani lands for a long time, First Deputy Defense Minister Colonel General Nejmeddin Sadigov said in a meeting of the Committee of Chiefs of the General Staffs of the CIS countries' armed forces in Baku on April 8.

"As far as the economic indices are growing, along with the development of the society, of course, the Azerbaijani armed forces are being strengthened," he said. "The country's military budget increases every year. This trend will continue. Our people would reach even more success, if not for the Armenian- Azerbaijani Nagorno- Karabakh conflict."

"As a result of the policy of ethnic cleansing and occupation of Azerbaijani territories, more than one million Azerbaijanis were forced to leave their ancestral lands," he said.

"Azerbaijan stands for peaceful settlement of the conflict and believes that there are still chances for it," he said.

"But at the same time, the patience of the Azerbaijani people is not unlimited," he said. "We believe that this issue can be solved as part of the international law principles. Armenian occupation forces must comply with the requirements set out in the UN Security Council resolutions and leave the territory of Azerbaijan. The international law must be the same for all. There must not be double standards. Nobody can have the exclusive right."

"Except for Armenia, Azerbaijan's territorial integrity has been recognized by all countries and international organizations," he said. "Azerbaijan calls for implementing the provisions of international law."

The chief of general staff of Azerbaijani armed forces said the policies pursued by Armenia, have isolated it from all economic projects in the region.

"The instigators of this conflict must analyze what their country lost and gained, to be more aware about the realities of the past and the realities of today, and know that Azerbaijani people will never accept the current situation," he said.

Azerbaijan will use all rights, envisaged by international law, to restore its territorial integrity, Sadigov added.

Sadigov also said Baku is developing military cooperation with international and regional organizations, and also attaches great importance to the activities within the CIS.

"Cooperating in the field of security, countering new threats and challenges, the organization should also develop in terms of taking additional measures in the fight against separatism," he said.

"Establishment of relations on the basis of mutual benefit, the discussion of issues taking into account the sovereignty and independence of countries, can make it possible to solve many problems," he added.

Sadigov believes that in this regard it is necessary to use opportunities of the committee of CIS General Staffs' Chiefs.

The meeting of the Committee of CIS Countries' General Staffs Chiefs kicked off in Azerbaijani capital of Baku on April 8.

Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan are participating in the meeting.

Azerbaijan, Russia and Kazakhstan are represented at the meeting by the chiefs of general staffs, while Belarus and Kyrgyzstan are represented by the first deputy chiefs of general staffs.

The meeting will discuss the conceptual approaches to the development of military cooperation among the CIS states and joint measures covering the years 2015-2020.

The meeting participants will also discuss the creation and improvement of military systems as well as the review a draft concept of development of unified state radar identification system, an agreement on the status of soldiers of military engineering troops, and an agreement on exchange of geospatial information in line with the interests of the CIS countries armed forces.

The meeting will also focus on preparation and organization of competitions for military field training of the CIS countries soldiers and other issues.

Translated by N.H. and E.A.

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