An Action to Take Place in front of Armenian Embassy in Moscow to Protest against Illegal Referendum in Nagorno-Karabakh

Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict Materials 12 December 2006 18:32 (UTC +04:00)

On December 13, a group of the Azerbaijani youths will hold an action in front of the Armenian Embassy in Russia to protest against the referendum held on December 10 with regards of the constitution of Nagorno-Karabakh republic. The event is organized by Karabakh International Fund and Co-ordination Council of the Azerbaijani Youths.

A relevant notification has been sent to the Central Administrative District of Moscow. The document says Nagorno-Karabakh republic is illegal and has artificially established in the Azerbaijani territories occupied by Armenians through separatism-extremism, gangster-terrorism. This establishment has not been recognized by the international community as an independent state because it is integral part of Azerbaijan.

The protest action of the Azerbaijanis will take place under slogans: Russia and Azerbaijan are strategic partners! Russian and Azeri people are friendly people!, Russian and Azeri peoples are against all separatists, bandits and terrorists!, Armenian terrorists do not differs from others!, Karabakh belongs to Azerbaijan!, Armenia is aggressor and occupant!, etc.

The response letter of the Central Administration says that The Administration has no objection against the conduct of the action on December 13.