Opposition Chairmen Should be Prepared to Quit Political Arena – Opposition Leader

Politics Materials 23 April 2008 18:16 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 23 April / Trend corr. G.Jabiyev / The Democratic Party of Azerbaijan (DPA) stated that the fact that political leaders quit the political scene may lead to bitter consequences. "We can quit the politics if only we will feel presence of new political leaders," Sardar Jalaloglu, Chairman of DPA, stated Trend on 23 April.

The presidential elections will be held in Azerbaijan in October 2008. Experts believe that if opposition will experience defeat during the upcoming presidential elections, then it should quit the political scene.

Jalaloglu believes that there is no new generation which can replace opposition leaders.

"The fact that opposition leaders will quit the political arena may lead to certain problems. Old opposition leaders may be replaced by more radical persons, who are not interested in the state development and will serve to foreign forces. The idea that the current opposition leaders should quit their political activity is wrong. The key problem in the country is that the young generation is not interested in politics," Jalaloglu stated. According to Jalaloglu, the old opposition leaders should be ready to quit the political arena if there will appear a new generation. .

Jalaloglu stated that the Government would create conditions to strengthen the current opposition rather than to withdraw it from the political scene. As, the country with strong opposition develops in all directions.

DPA was founded by Jalaloglu in 1991. The party took a radical position against the Government until 2007. In January 2007, the party took a new political course and improved relations with the authorities. Protesting against such an action Rasul Guliyev, the ex-chairman, and his supporters left the party and founded the Open Society party