Power Outage in Iran Not Connected with Drought, Experts Say

Politics Materials 22 August 2008 12:59 (UTC +04:00)

Iran, Tehran, 22 August / Trend , R. Azadbaksh/ The population of Iran suffer from cut of power and water supply for over four hours since the beginning of August, the hottest month in Iran and its causes are not connected with the drop in rainfall. "Cut in supply of power and water has various reasons and drought and drop in rainfall that Iranian officials stated, are not key reasons for the power outage in the country," Seid Ziya Al-I Davud, former head of Electricity Network Department of Iran said to Trend .

Hashemi Rafsanjani, head of Advisory Council of Iran said last week in speech before the public in Mashad town that the frequents power failures are caused by the weak governance system of authorities. Meanwhile, chairman of energy commission of Iranian parliament Hamid Katuzian attributed the power outage to the changes in the management in energy companies and inaccurate use of electricity facilities.

Al-i Davud said that the companies generating electricity are losing 8,000 mega watt (one quarter) of the generated energy. On the other hand, at present the electric power stations are built with 70% efficiency all over the world, but there are electric power stations in Iran operating less than 20% efficiency.

"There are specialists in Iran to maintain efficiency in high level who are responsible for the timely repairs, but unfortunately, the systems are not repaired in time," expert said.

The MP of the Iranian parliament, who wanted to remain anonymous, said to Trend that the main reason for the problems in electricity supply is the brake-down in distributors in the electricity network.

The inaccurate use of energy, namely electricity leads to the frequent power cuts, MP said.

MP said that the situation of Iran in the international arena and on the background of political processes, non-reconstructed stations and absence of investments to this sphere causes electricity crisis.

Some 6% to 7% of electricity in Iran is supplied by hydro power stations. So, these figures obviously show that a drop in rainfall is not the reason for the frequent power cuts.

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