News press newspaper publishes article on resumption of ASALA's activities

Politics Materials 28 July 2020 21:23 (UTC +04:00)
News press newspaper publishes article on resumption of ASALA's activities

BAKU, Azerbaijan, July 28


The Turkish news press newspaper, being published in Australia in English, based on an appeal to the federal parliament by the Association of Azerbaijanis in Australia (AAA), operating in Sydney, published an article about the plans of Armenians to resume the activities of the ASALA terrorist organization, Trend reports.

In an article titled "ASALA is coming back!" contains detailed information on the aggression and acts of vandalism of Armenians living in several countries of the world against Azerbaijanis also living in these countries in connection with the military provocation committed by the Armenian armed forces on July 12-16 on the border of Azerbaijan in the direction of the Tovuz district.

The article said that the photos circulated on the internet, which show how representatives of Armenian youth in T-shirts with the inscription ASALA ("Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia") are participating in the rally in Los Angeles, are of great concern.

"Over 3,000 Armenians, breaking through the police cordon, attacked 50 Azerbaijanis. As a result of this attack, six seriously injured people, including Azerbaijani women, were hospitalized. Similar crimes were committed in other European cities. The Los Angeles police are currently investigating the attack on Azerbaijanis as an ethnic hate crime," said the article.

The article focuses on the fact that after July 12, numerous videos about the attack of Armenians on peaceful Azerbaijani demonstrators in many European cities appeared on the internet, which clearly show how the Armenians persecuted and injured Azerbaijanis.

The publication also provides information about the ASALA organization, known for terrorist acts committed in various countries.

The article focuses on the fact that the US CIA report for 1984 entitled "The Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia: continuing international threat" contains detailed information about the crimes committed by this organization. It is emphasized that in the 1980s, terrorist attacks were committed against Turkish diplomats in Sydney and Melbourne. Despite the fact that ASALA claimed responsibility for these crimes, no one was arrested.

"Members of the Turkish and Azerbaijani communities well remember these events today as well, call on the government structures of the country, the local population, MPs to be vigilant, to prevent the Armenian terror.

The article also contains demands to end the aggressive policy of Armenia against Azerbaijan, a policy that serves to create the so-called. "great Armenia" at the expense of the territories of neighboring states. Restoring peace in the region and in the world is possible only as a result of the end of the occupation policy by Armenia, the article says.

Photos confirming the vandalism of the Armenians were also included in the article.